Monday, 1 December 2008

It's not all bad....

I have just re-read my last post and realised I was being maybe a little harsh on Sri Lanka (and sounding like a grumpy b'stard) here are the things I like about it:

  • The beer. Lion Lager as it's called. It's 4.8% and blows India's gassy Kingfisher out of the water. I didn't try it but they do an 8.8% 'Lion Strong' version. Maybe next time?
  • The tea. Ok, it's not masala chai and they don't put any spices in, but they don't need to. The tea itself is so good. I could drink it all day.
  • It's a lot cleaner than India and they actually have road markings and a highway code that people follow. Plus there aren't cows wandering around all over the place. The dogs seem to look a bit healthier too.
  • The nature. On our first full day in Kandy we saw: two massive water monitor lizards - each one must have been two metres long, and we initially thought they were crocs; a massive ugly pelican that powered its way round the lake like a speedboat; colonies of huge bats hanging on trees over the roads. These things are big their wingspans must be six-foot, and the locals call them flying foxes (!!!) ; hordes of monkeys outside our guesthouse; turtles/terrapins in the lake; loads of huge fish; and a suicidal dog - it was sleeping in the middle of the road. In all, in 20 minutes we saw more than a full-day at the Periyar Tiger Sanctuary.
So it's not all bad!!!


Mrs Hale said...

Mmm, Sri Lanka sounds niiiiicccce. Hence my lack of desire to visit!

How are you guys feeling about the Mumbai bombings, bet you're quite reflective as you've just been there? xxx

Anonymous said...

Chris and Angela, thaks very much for the spices. What a suprise, you can't get any more authentic than that. Looking forward to using them! I'm following the blog (best reading material at the mo, much better than Catch 22!! - sorry Christov)Take care, James J