Saturday, 6 December 2008

Singapore and KL

Pleased to get away from Negombo we arrived at the airport to be confronted with organised chaos as the security conscious Sri Lankans tried to check everyone and x-ray the bags at every stage of the check-in process.

The flight to Singapore was only 4hrs but we had some exciting turbulence, luckily Chris and I who had both been queuing for the loo had just sat back down and belted ourselves in when things hit the ceiling... it was a close call.

We landed at Singapore and were instantly impressed with the large modern airport, it had everything we could ever high speed Internet access on the best computers we have seen since leaving Chris's beloved baby behind, a well stocked book shop where we picked up a SE Asia guide and plenty of shops and restaurants....we almost stayed there.

Singapore was awesome, it is a bustling metropolis of shopping malls, hundreds of them at every turn! Everything is new and shiny and cute! People in Singapore seem to love cute little gadgets and toys, and the main pass time (apart from shopping) is eating, so there were lots of delicious menus to choose from.

Needless t
o say our budget was blown away, especially when we visited Sim-Lim square - a 7-storey complex bursting with electronics shops (Iain you would never leave!) ....we left with a laptop (with bells and whistles) and all the gadgets to go with it. Needless to say Singapore is not a place for backpackers and we spent more in 3 days than in a month in India, but the laptop has already come into it's own and i am writing the blog from it now, goodbye Internet cafes.

We crossed the border into Malaysia and arrived in
Kuala Lumpur yesterday evening. We found our hostel room to be next door to a nightclub but despite the banging music we were both shattered and had a decent night's sleep. We changed rooms this morning, our new one is much quieter and even has the luxury of a window, but comes with the added bonus of bed bugs.

Today we have visited the twin Petronas towers (the second highest in the world), we are hoping to go up to the skybridge platform tomorrow but first we have to queue from 8am to get ticket. These are issued on a first come first served basis so hopefully we will be lucky.

We also visited the KL tower which is the 4th highest
communications tower (it's all about buildings here) and Chris had a go at an F1 challenge, he did not beat the lap time of 5 mins but he got a free cap. We then ventured into china town for a spot of lunch but this went terribly wrong, firstly we couldn't find anywhere to eat and Chris was getting grumpy from lack of food (he summed it up perfectly when he said "I was born hungry"), then we got caught in a tremendous thunderstorm. The rest of the evening has been fairly quiet, I have been on the web and Chris has been coughing and sneezing in the corner (did i mention he has SARS?).

........That's all for now


Richard Doull said...

SARS sounds fun, don't you have to go in to quarentine?

Chris Sealey said...

no, i'm coming back to the uk to give it to you